Rotary radio auction fundraiser approaching

Hundreds of donated items up for bidding as the Rotary Club prepares for annual fundraiser.

Get those bidding paddles ready.

The Rotary radio auction is fast approaching and organizers are busy gathering donated items from across the community for use in their annual fundraiser.

On May 6-7, from 6-8 p.m., Cranbrook radio listeners will have the chance to bid on items and raise money for the Rotary Club.

Funds raised will go towards a connection path from Rotary Way to the North Star Rails 2 Trails path as well as to other community-oriented projects.

The Rotary Radio Auction is a long-time fundraiser with the goal of raising money to invest back into the community, said organizer Sandy Zeznik.

“This one is probably our largest fundraiser,” said Zeznik, “we’re working on doing other fundraisers, but we have the expectation and have met, that this is our major fundraiser raising about $20,000 a year.”

It’s a simple concept hearkening back to the old-time tradition of auctioneering, Zeznik added.

“We auction on the radio, people phone in,” said Zeznik, “but they can also come in to the site and bid there, because there’s a small silent auction going on at the same time.”

The event, which is broadcast on the B-104.7 Total Country radio station, will be on location in an empty space in the Tamarack Centre by the Columbia Theatre entrance.

Picture, if you will: An audience on location bidding on items while six people work the phones as radio listeners call in to place bids on each item. The auctioneer—who will be on live radio, will take bids from the live audience as well as from the volunteers who are working the phones.

Zeznik says there are up to a few hundred items that are donated by the community, ranging from gift certificates to artwork to clothing to a driving course from Rocky Mountain Pro Drivers.

Raises funds for local causes, such as for the East Kootenay Regional Hospital, the Rotary Park bandstand, the clock tower and the Cranbrook Arches project.

Additionally, the club also supports international efforts such as the eradication of polio and education.

The Rotary Radio Auction is a separate event and has no relation to the Kootenay Auctionet. A list of items donated to the Rotary Radio Auction can be found in the Monday edition of the Kootenay Advertiser a week before the event.