Review looks at Cranbrook traffic

Cranbrook will soon have the results of a traffic control review.

Cranbrook will soon have the results of a traffic control review.

The review is being carried out by McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd, in conjunction with ICBC, and is looking at sign and pavement markings in the city.

“We’ve been talking a lot about ICBC doing some studies for us regarding some roads,” said CAO Wayne Staudt. “I think first of all we should understand that this is not a full road audit. What they are doing is they are going to provide us with a couple of studies dealing with line painting and signs within the road system, so it’s not a full-blown road audit. We have one report ready and expect the other report shortly.”

Once both reports are available, Staudt said city staff will summarize them and report back to council.

Coun. Denise Pallesen said the Cranbrook in Motion committee has seen the first report and is awaiting the second report as well.

The first document is a sign and paint manual that gives standards for the city related to paint and signs for the road system. The second document is a traffic control review of the city that will identify variations from the Sign and Paint Manual, while providing sketches of recommended improvements to the existing signage and pavement markings.

Coun. Diana J. Scott had asked about a ICBC safety audit in the prior meeting.

“I’m prepared to wait for these reports,” Scott said, “but given the number of letters that we get from the public with regards to our crosswalks and vehicle pedestrian interactions, I’m wondering if we couldn’t make an initial inquiry with ICBC to see what would the costs be to have a safety audit, just to explore that initially.”

Staudt said the city could contact ICBC to see what the cost would be and then bring it back to council as an administrative update.