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UPDATED: Reports of two dogs dead, a third extremely ill after walking in Wycliffe Butte

UPDATE: As of Saturday, Mar. 7
Two dogs have died and another fallen violently ill following walking in the Wycliffe Butte area. Paul Rodgers file photo.

UPDATE: As of Saturday, Mar. 7

Another report on Facebook has been made that a further three dogs have fallen ill. One after eating a substance wrapped in cheese after walking in the Townsite area.

Another person is said to have been walking in the Lois Creek Trails, when both of her dogs ate something off the ground and were poisoned. According to the post, all animals survived and have been treated.

On Sunday morning, Steeples Veterinary Clinic posted that they have had people confirm that “there is indeed something suspicious happening with poisoning [in] Kimberley.”

They didn’t have any additional to report when the the Bulletin contacted them for information on Monday morning.

These are preliminary reports and the Bulletin will follow up with the story as more information becomes available. A reminder that Kimberley RCMP has encouraged the owners of the poisoned dogs to contact them immediately so they may begin an investigation. The Conservation officer has been contacted and has said they’re certainly willing to assist in the investigation. You can reach the RCMP at 250-427-4811.

Friday, Mar. 6

Reports have been made of two dogs that have died and a third that fell violently ill with vomiting and diarrhea after walking at the Wycliffe Butte.

Cpl. Kate Bamber with the Kimberley RCMP said that as of yet, no one has reported any occurrence of dog poisoning to the RCMP, and she would encourage the owners of the poisoned dogs to contact them so they can open an investigation.

She added that the RCMP has spoken with the sergeant at the Conservation office and confirmed that they will certainly work together once someone files a report.

“We need to hear from the people themselves so we can get dates and exact locations they were walking at the Butte and on what day and at what time,” Bamber said. “Right now we have no information and there’s lots of investigation to be done.”

Top Crop Garden, Farm and Pet shared a post to their Facebook page on Thursday, Mar. 5 saying they received information from a reliable source that a dog had died, and that it was from a suspected poisoning, so toxic, in fact, that the dog died before it made it to a veterinarian.

Shannon Fisher from Top Crop told the Bulletin that she can confirm two dogs have died, and that the dog of one of her staff members was extremely ill through the night earlier this week with vomiting and diarrhea.

It is unclear what the source of the toxic substance is, but Fisher urged dog owners to exercise extreme caution when walking their dogs.

“People need to be really cautious in that area because there’s something out there,” she said.

The Bulletin will update this story if and when any new information arises.

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