Remember: Elk have the right of way

Remember: Elk have the right of way

Today’s message from local police about local wildlife: Remember, elk have the right of way!

Sgt. Chris Newel reports that Kimberley RCMP have responded to three collisions involving elk over the past few days.

“The elk herd in Wycliffe is on the move, crossing Highway 95A daily,” Newel said in a press release Thursday. “There are no traffic control signs and the elk decide when they want to cross.

The straight stretch near the Skeet Gun Range in Wycliffe is the worst section for elk crossing, Newel added.

“Fortunately, there have not been any injuries as a result of the collisions, but hitting a moving elk will result in serious damage to a vehicle and potential injury to its occupants. “

Police suggest you proceed cautiously and reduce your speed in the area.