Region to experience major heat wave

Temperature records expected to fall as highs of up to 40 degrees are forecast for the weekend.

  • Jun. 26, 2015 5:00 a.m.

Hot desert air will move into Southwestern British Columbia this weekend. Daily highs are expected to reach mid to high thirties over much of the Southern British Columbia.

For parts of the Southern Interior daily highs are forecast to reach 40 degrees Celsius on Saturday and Sunday. Several daily temperature records are likely to fall with the possibility of monthly records falling come the end of June.

Temperatures will cool slightly at the beginning of next week, as a weak weather disturbance brings the potential for scattered thunderstorms but afterward conditions still remain hot through Canada day.

High temperatures can be dangerous especially if you have heart problems and breathing difficulties. Be aware of the symptoms of heat-related illness.

When it is hot and when you are active on a warm day, drink plenty of fluids. Drink extra water even before you feel thirsty. Ask your health care provider about how much water you should drink on hot days if you are on water pills or limiting your fluid intake.

Regularly check older adults, children and others for signs of heat-related illness and make sure they are keeping cool and drinking plenty of fluids. Check on those who are unable to leave their homes, and people with emotional or mental health concerns whose judgment may be impaired.

In addition, the City of Cranbrook Bylaw Services has been inundated with phone calls of dogs being left in hot vehicles.

With the temperatures forecast to be in the mid to high 30’s for at least the next week, it is extremely important that pets are not left inside vehiclesfor any reason.

If you see a dog left in a vehicle, please contact the BC SPCA hotline at 1-855-622-7722. Although the SPCA does not have the authority to remove pets from vehicles, they will attend the scene and contact the RCMP if the dog is in critical distress.

The RCMP is the only body who can remove pets from vehicles. Take good care of your dog; please do not leave them in your vehicle for any reason.