RDEK grants money toward mosquito control

Small $1,500 chunk of funding will go to Cranbrook's efforts to combat mosquitoes.

The RDEK chipped in $1,500 to the City of Cranbrook for mosquito control on the outlying areas of the city as part of a discretionary grant program.

The mosquito control program usually begins in May of each year, with a focus on treating mosquitoes at the larval stage and applying Aquabac, a granual larvicide.

While the city monitors standing water in yards, ditches and pools from spring flooding, other areas outside city limits — areas within RDEK jurisdiction — also needs treatment to keep the mosquito population in check.

“The major areas in Electoral Area C that will benefit from the program funding are the Community Forest, Idlewild Park area, Gold Creek community and Elizabeth Lake area, including Silver Springs and lower Jimsmith Road,” reads a letter from the RDEK agenda package. “These areas include hundreds of residential properties in Area C as well as significant park and recreational assets, including playground facility, tourist info centre, walking/bike trails and horse arena that are frequented by residents throughout Area C.”

To control mosquitos in Cranbrook, a treatment buffer is established around city limits, as mosquitos can travel significant distances.

“Any grant funding provided by the RDEK will be used to supplement mosquito control activities that are done manually on the ground to access the smaller waterways and floodwater areas,” the letter continues. “This has been  the most efficient use of funds in the program compared to aerial applications, and also allows the city’s contractor to communicate with residents in Area C about reducing mosquito sites on their property and educating them on the work that is done.”