RCMP respond to 123 calls over the past week,

The Week On The Beat for January 9 to January 16, 2017

  • Jan. 17, 2017 1:00 p.m.

Cranbrook RCMP responded to 123 calls for service over the past week, January 9 (6 a.m.) to January 16 (6 a.m.), according to a press release from the detachment.

• Three impaired drivers were stopped — two cases involving alcohol and one involving marijuana.

• There were five vehicular collisions — three in town and two outside of town.One incident resulted in an impaired driving investigation with charges pending.

• Two hit and runs were reported – one occurred in the city on January 8 but reported last week, and one occurred on Hwy 3/93 near Ha Ha Creek, where the car owner parked his vehicle to go skiing and upon return found his front end torn off.

• RCMP responded to five mental health calls, and three calls to assist at the hospital with mental health patients. Two individuals were apprehended.

• There were six assault complaints. Three were domestic in nature and individuals were charged in two of these incidents. One incident was unfounded. One incident was over a business transaction

• Seven thefts were reported: Three shoplifting incidents; one theft from a vehicle that actually occurred in the middle of December; and three other thefts — two snowblowers, both recovered, and a reported theft of money, later proved to be unfounded.

• There were no break-and-enters to businesses this week.

• But there were two break-and-enters to residences — a suspect was arrested and charged for both Break and Enters. Nothing was stolen — the suspect entered and made a mess inside the residence.

• There were two reports of property damage, one related to one of the domestic assaults above and the other where vehicle was vandalized.

• There were three seizures of marijuana.

• There were 16 false alarms/false 911 complaints.

• Three people were arrested for intoxication in public place.