RCMP investigating overnight fuel thefts

RCMP investigating overnight fuel thefts

The RCMP has responded to an ‘abnormal’ number of overnight fuel thefts over the last few weeks from commercial vehicles and vehicles in car dealership lots.

Police say that the culprit(s) are drilling holes in the gas tanks of vehicles and draining the fuel into a container for transport, according to a media release.

”Certainly, these criminal actions raise a number of safety concerns for the owners of the vehicles and the public, not to mention the hazard to the environment and the cost of repairs,” said Sgt. Chris Dodds of the Cranbrook RCMP.

“We wish to remind local citizens and businesses to report all incidents of theft or suspicious afterhours activity to the Cranbrook RCMP immediately.”

Police say the investigation into the fuel thefts is ongoing. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the RCMP at 250-489-3471.


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