Randal Macnair seeks Kootenay East NDP nomination

Former mayor of Fernie first to throw hat into the ring

  • Jun. 21, 2016 2:00 p.m.
Randal Macnair

Randal Macnair

Randal Macnair, the former Mayor of Fernie, announced today that he is seeking the NDP nomination for Kootenay East. “As a municipal leader for 15 years I helped lead Fernie to greater economic diversity, now I want to help make that happen for all of the East Kootenay.”

Macnair was on Fernie City council for 15 years including six as Mayor and nine as a city councillor. As Mayor he served six years on the board of the Regional District of East Kootenay.

“We have remarkable assets in Kootenay East, the beauty of our landscape, rich natural resources and most importantly, the people of our region. We need government in British Columbia that supports the dynamic power and possibility within all of our communities and our people, helping to realize our full potential.”

Macnair led Fernie at a critical time in its recent history, overseeing unprecedented growth, the revitalization of Fernie’s downtown and the creation of close to 100 units of affordable housing.

“Kootenay East is a diverse region and we need inclusive, compassionate representation to thrive together. We must ensure that everyone can share in the economy more equally.”

The role of MLA requires someone who understands the entire region. MacNair said.

“As a former Director on the RDEK Board I know how important each community is. When Cranbrook succeeds so does Sparwood; what is good for Elkford is good for the South Country. We need someone in Victoria who helps us all prosper together.”

Macnair looks forward to a competitive nomination race with a vote in October.

“This provides the opportunity to get people engaged with the campaign and enthusiastic about the NDP forming a new government for BC after the election next spring

“I will spend this summer and early fall connecting with people across Kootenay East and building a strong base of supporters, members and volunteers to win the election in May of 2017.

“People are welcome to contact me to become a member or support the campaign.”