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Pre-prom reception moving to Rotary Park

After seven years of pre-prom reception at St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino, pre-prom reception moving into Cranbrook.
The 2016 Pre-Prom reception is shifting to Rotary Park from the St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino

The end of a school year marks a special time for the Mount Baker Secondary School graduating class as they end a chapter of their young lives while moving on to bigger and better things.

First, it’s a graduation ceremony, a handshake and a slip of paper followed by an evening of finery as students don suits, tuxedos and dresses and head off to Prom at the College of the Rockies.

Traditionally, a Pre-Prom reception has been held out at the St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino, however, the MBSS Parent Volunteer Prom Committee 2016 has decided to shift that to Rotary Park in Cranbrook.

Anita Savage, with the committee, stresses that the only reason that the reception is moving to Rotary Park is because of it’s central location and easy access for students’ family members and relatives.

“We thought it’d be fun to let the people know in Cranbrook because one of the reasons we’re doing that is to make it more of a community event because out at St. Eugene it’s a little bit inaccessible for some people,” Savage said. “This way it’s downtown and anybody who would like to see the Grade 12 grads can come and see them march with all their finery.”

Prom is on June 25th, with the pre-prom reception scheduled for 7 p.m. The Prom theme is Mission Impossible.

St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino has been hosting the pre-Prom reception for seven years, but Rotary Park should help solve some some minor issues like parking and an the grad class photo op, as classes have outgrown the front stairwell where the students congregate.

“I think we talked about many different ideas as a group,” added Savage. “Fort Steele? Should we try to have it on main street? That was another idea we kicked around, but I think Rotary worked the best because they want to use the pavilion to put the kids centre stage.

“The kids will all march through centre stage on a red carpet, so they can walk up the back and come out the front into the park.”

Savage says the committee has received a lot of feedback from the kids that say they’re proud of the city where they grew up and that having a pre-prom reception downtown would be nice.

“We feel it’s more accessible for people to come see the grads dressed up at Rotary; it’s closer, it’s in town,” Savage continued. “Rotary looks pretty nice, they get it all fixed up for Sam Steele Days, we’re the weekend right after that.

“Another plan is—at least for photo opportunities—because we’re close to the college, they can pull the decorations right off the floor at the college and bring them down to Rotary.”

Savage adds that there will be seating down in the park, as the committee will be renting bleachers for the large grad class prom photo.

There will be specialized parking for disabled persons as well as for the elderly, while grads will also have their own area once they start making their entrances.


Trevor Crawley

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