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PODCAST: Singer Raymond Salgado, ‘Canada’s Got Talent’ finalist

TODAY IN B.C.: He discusses the competition, his music, and his journey

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Raymond Salgado joins Host Peter McCully to talk about competing on the television show “Canada’s Got Talent.’

‘Once I got the opportunity to participate this year, it really wasn’t something that I was expecting, a lot of the memories, a lot of the opportunities coming my way. This whole experience has been very validating to me.’

Salgado says that he had just finished auditioning for ‘American Idol’, when the opportunity arose.

‘It’s interesting because at the time I just came off of auditioning for American Idol and that didn’t really go my way at the time, I think that was a huge turning point for me because I realized, it’s not that I wasn’t vocally ready, it was just not the right time in that moment.’

The only person in British Columbia to make it as a finalist, Salgado talks about the talented people in and around Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

‘It’s just crazy. There’s so much talent in Nanaimo and it’s really cool to see people just being able to share their gifts with our community and being able to share that on a world platform. There’s just so much talent. I’m not surprised, but I’m also just so happy that we’ve been able to represent well with music and with the arts.’

Lauren Spencer Smith and Cameron Whitcomb competed on ‘American Idol’ and Carlow Rush and Jacksun Fryer of ‘Funkanometry’ recently competed on ‘America’s got Talent,’ all of Nanaimo.

The podcast contains Salgado’s version of ‘Feeling Good’, which launched him into the final.

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