Pinewood to close briefly for safety reasons

Construction of HVAC system and clean up of low risk hazardous material forces closure of school till Monday, Sept. 19.

A low risk of exposure to hazardous material is forcing Pinewood Elementary School to close down until Monday, Sept. 19, according to a letter issued from School District 5.

The letter states that environmental consultants say there is potential risk of hazardous materials in an electrical room and gymnasium area where an HVAC construction is taking place.

To ensure student and staff safety, the school is closing for testing and clean-up.

“The School District is erring on the side of caution as safety is always our first priority,” wrote Lynn Hauptman, the Superintendent of of Schools for SD5. “We will have the test results tomorrow and will be in communication via radio and the School District website at”

Hauptman states that Pinewood students will be back to school on Monday.