Phase One watering restrictions now in effect

Cranbrook has returned to its Phase One watering restrictions following last summer's high temperatures and lack of regular rainfall

  • Apr. 27, 2016 8:00 a.m.
As of Tuesday

As of Tuesday

For the Townsman

As of Tuesday, the City of Cranbrook has returned to its Phase One watering restrictions following last summer’s steady high temperatures and lack of regular rainfall, which ushered in phase two watering restrictions last August.

Even numbered properties can now water their lawns and gardens on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, while odd numbered properties can water on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays with no outdoor watering allowed on Wednesdays as per the City’s Outdoor Water Management policy. These restrictions are not only for watering lawns and gardens, but for all outdoor water use including: washing of vehicles, boats, campers, RV’s, windows and the filling of hot tubs and pools.

The Phillips Reservoir is currently at capacity which means the City has a full store of water available to residents; however it is important to recognize that conditions can change quickly.

“Residents need to understand that without a regular amount of rainfall through the summer to help replenish our reservoir, we can very quickly get into the situation where we need to go back to phase two restrictions, reducing the number of watering days again,” says Chris Zettel, Communications Officer for the City of Cranbrook.

“The biggest issue we will have is not necessarily water quantity, but water quality,” says Joe McGowan, Director of Public Works. “As water levels drop, the amount of water surface exposed to sunlight increases and the water temperature goes up which promotes plant and algae growth which can change the taste and the overall quality of our drinking water. Reducing the number of watering days during the summer allows us to store more water for a longer period and allow for better quality water overall.”

“Our Public Works staff rigorously monitors both the reservoir levels regularly and the water quality to the standards of the Provincial Drinking Water Protection Act. We will provide you with updates on a regular basis about the water levels to make sure everyone has ample lead time should additional watering restrictions need to be put in place,” Zettel adds.

For more information about water conservation and what you can do to conserve, visit our website at and click on ‘Water Conservation’ under the City of Cranbrook Links on the homepage.