Penticton artist trekking to Ottawa

Robin Edgar-Haworth dedicating his trip to missing and murdered Aboriginal women.

Robin Edgar-Haworth and his Australian shepherd Koda are walking across Canada

Robin Edgar-Haworth and his Australian shepherd Koda are walking across Canada

Anyone wandering the local highways over the last few days between Creston, Cranbrook and Fernie may notice a lone figure walking along the side of the road.

Accompanied by an Australian Shepherd and pushing a cart with a few belongings for the road, Robin Edgar-Haworth is walking across the country as he heads  to Ottawa.

On foot.

Edgar-Haworth, an aboriginal artist living in Penticton, began his trek earlier in the month and arrived in Cranbrook on Friday, April 24th.

While Edgar-Haworth has dedicated his walk to the issue of missing and murdered aboriginal women, he is also mounting a campaign he’s christened ‘Right the Wrong’, which highlights a number of environmental, social and economic issues that are important to him.

His cart, a three-wheeled buggy, is stocked with food for the road, a sleeping bag and two personally significant items, he said.

“It’s for the women and it’s for all Canadians,” said Edgar-Haworth. “I’m carrying a sacred Eagle feather I’m carrying for all Native people and I’m also carrying a Canadian flag.”

Earlier in January, after fasting for a few days, Edgar-Haworth was moved by what he called ‘injustice’ wrought by political decisions in all areas of government, decided to undertake his trek with the goal of reaching Ottawa by the next federal election.

He’s averaging 20 kilometres a day, pushing and pulling his 150-pound cart up and down the hills, but when he hits the flatlands, he’s able to make much better time.

“The walk’s fine, my dog’s fine, we’re in good spirits. We’re picking up a lot of support along the way,” Edgar-Haworth said.

For more information about his Right the Wrong campaign, visit his website at