Pedestrians have the right of way

RCMP clear up confusion around Rails to Trails crosswalk in Marysville

  • May. 14, 2014 3:00 p.m.


Cpl. Chris Newel of the Kimberley RCMP addressed the Rails to Trails crosswalk on Highway 95A in Marysville at Kimberley’s May 12 council meeting.

Newel said he was working in conjunction with the North Star Rails to Trails Society on this particular crosswalk, but he did explain how it is interpreted under the Motor Vehicles Act.

Newel said that it was a bit confusing, but pedestrians on the Rails to Trails have the right of way on the crosswalk and traffic on the highway should stop and allow them to proceed. However, cyclists have to yield to traffic, and vehicles are not required to stop to allow cyclists to proceed. The stop signs on the trail at the crosswalk are meant for cyclists.

However, if the cyclist is walking his or her bike across the highway,  they become a pedestrian and vehicles must stop. Newel said police recommend that cyclists walk their bikes across the highway.