Tri-Kon will be delivering concrete barriers on Friday afternoon for a patio space that will be shared between Soulfood Farm to Table and Sakura.Trevor Crawley photo.

Outdoor patios in the works for downtown core

Efforts already underway to set up outdoor patios on Baker St. from four local business

Local businesses are already taking advantage of recent changes to a seasonal patio bylaw, as four local restaurants are planning to set up or expand an outdoor patio space on Baker St.

Soulfood Farm to Table, Sakura, Twisted Peaks and The Heidout are undertaking efforts to create a patio space by next week, with the first concrete barriers to be installed Friday afternoon.

Soulfood and Sakura are sharing a space that will use concrete jersey barriers from Tri-Kon to block off the south side parking spaces from the corner of Baker St. and 11th Ave, running up along the roadway to Pages Book Emporium.

The Heidout will be installing similar concrete jersey barriers to expand their patio space early next week.

With the installation of patio spaces in the downtown core, the city is reducing traffic speed on Baker St. to 30 kilometres per hour effective immediately, from Eighth Ave to 12th Ave. until Oct. 31.

With the installation of concrete jersey barriers, the Baker St. roadway will narrow significantly, however, a line painting crew is expected to repaint the lines next week to reflect the changes in the traffic pattern.