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Ottawa offers $1.5 million for security at Pride parades after rise in hate crimes

Organizations have ramped up security after a documented rise in hate crimes targeting LGBTQ people

The Trudeau government is earmarking $1.5 million for LGBTQ community organizations to boost security measures at Pride parades and other events this summer.

The money matches a request by a national umbrella group, Fierté Canada Pride, which will distribute it to local committees that apply.

The funding can be used for expenses such as vehicle and crowd control, barricades, fees for paid-duty police or private security.

Organizations supporting gender and sexual minorities across Canada have ramped up their security after a documented rise in hate crimes targeting LGBTQ people, and physical confrontations between protesters at drag-queen events.

Gender Equality Minister Marci Ien says the funding comes at a time when LGBTQ people need tangible support from politicians instead of empty words and platitudes.

She also is challenging Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre to attend the raising of a Pride flag on Parliament Hill this month.

The Canadian Press

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