New space for local youth program

Youth Impact program relocates to new space by B.C. Ambulance Service garage.

Staff with the Cranbrook Boys and Girls Club

Staff with the Cranbrook Boys and Girls Club

The Youth Impact youth centre has a new location at 1320 2nd St. N right beside the B.C. Ambulance Service depot.

The new location is ground level, meaning that the pitter-patter of young teenagers running around won’t be disturbing any neighbours underneath—a situation they were running into with their previous location.

The Youth Impact program has been in operation for just under a year under the leadership of Tim Matwey, and is a part of the Boys and Girls Club of Cranbrook.

The youth centre provides after-school programming for teenagers 13-18 years of age for a safe, alcohol and drug-free environment. The youth centre space has a few amenities, but generally serves as a meeting point before teens head out into the community for activities such as rock climbing, biking, swimming and skiing.

In addition to the fun activities, teens also have the opportunity to learn life skills such as job site tours, resume-writing and cooking healthy meals.

“We’ve seen some attitudes change and definitely some kids get more involved in the community, which is why we want this to run—to have the kids invested in their community and then to serve their community as they go out,” said Matwey, “But also to have kids come to a safe place where they can talk and form friendships and build lasting friendships that will stick with them throughout middle school and high school.

“We’ve had kids come here and share stuff with us as adults that they don’t share with their parents or teachers that have been really good for some of the things going on in their lives, too.”

The Cranbrook Boys and Girls Club has a 45-year history of offering programs for children and youth in Cranbrook, with the mission of providing new experiences, opportunities and developing confidence and skills for life.

For more information on the Youth Impact Youth Centre, visit it’s Facebook page.