New Email scam hits Cranbrook

RCMP have issued a warning after complaint from the public

There’s a new email scam doing the rounds in Cranbrook.

The local RCMP learnt about it on October 25 and have issued a warning.

A business person told Cranbrook police that they received an email from a couple in India wanting to rent a venue in Cranbrook.

“The scam involved the victim using the scammer’s credit card, where an amount for the rental and a translator for the couple was to be charged up front on the credit card,” said Cpl. Pat Prefontaine.

“This was as far as the scam went as the intended victim felt the intended business practice was suspicious and no crime was committed.”

The pattern is common, he continued. The scam will have the victim, under the guise of a business deal, either cash a cheque or charge a credit card for one reason or another. Then the scammer will ask the victim to return all or a portion of the withdrawn cash to the scammer.

“This all happens in quick order and on many occasions either the cheque is no good or the credit card reverses the charges and the victim becomes responsible for the cash which has been withdrawn,” said Cpl. Prefontaine.

“Cranbrook RCMP would like to remind the public to be wary of any requests for business from anyone or any company you do not know, especially if it is received on the internet.”

You can report scams such as this to Cranbrook RCMP at 250-489-3471 or through East Kootenay Crime Stoppers, 1-800-222-TIPS.