Meadowbrook fights noxious weeds

Community Association is decrying inadequate funding from the provincial government

Meadowbrook Community Association is decrying inadequate funding from the provincial government for noxious weed control.

Earlier in the fall, the group gave a presentation to the B.C. Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services about Meadowbrook’s problem with spreading noxious weeds.

“We have been working collaboratively with personnel of the provincial ministries, staff of the Regional District of East Kootenay, and private property owners to address the growing infestation,” wrote Robert Johnstone, president of Meadowbrook Community Association, in a letter to the RDEK last month about the issue.

Provincial funding for the control of noxious weeds in the East Kootenay has decreased over the past three years from $469,761 in 2011 to $295,000 this year, the association says.

“As a result, existing infestations are thriving and adjacent areas are being contaminated.”

The association is calling for a partnership between the provincial government, local governments, community associations and individual landowners to educate about the threat of noxious weeds, control noxious weeds and enforce the legislative requirement to address the issue.

The RDEK’s Invasive Plant Program shares in the cost of spraying for noxious weeds on private property. This year, 63 property owners have been approved for this cost sharing.

At the RDEK board meeting on Friday, November 1, Area E Director Jane Walter urged the board to make noxious weeds a priority.

“The Meadowbrook Community Association has worked tirelessly this summer and the RDEK staff was just wonderful, working with them in their attempt to fight the noxious weeds. Over the summer, they realized there just wasn’t enough funding from the provincial government so they have written this letter. We as a board have had noxious weed bylaws and right now we are sitting in a not very clear area,” said Walter.