McKerrow steps into Council byelection

McKerrow steps into Council byelection


William McKerrow’s passion for working with others brought him to Cranbrook ten years ago, and he fell in love with the area and the community immediately.

A strong advocate for those who are marginalized, he is tireless in his work within Mental Health and Substance Use.

His ability to speak to anyone, and listen to them with no judgement or bias, has allowed William to learn much about the community of Cranbrook, and surrounding area. This knowledge has led him to believe that a strong voice on the council is needed, especially when it comes to topics such as affordable housing, increased programs for seniors and children, a living wage and access to medical services for all.

As more and more youth move away from Cranbrook due to a lack of sustainable employment, William believes that it is time to find solutions to encourage people to remain, and keep this community vibrant and growing.

“Going about this will be a challenging task for both council and local business as we need to ensure and find solutions to bring industrial jobs to Cranbrook and, at the same time, keep established business thriving and growing.

“We need to open up the conversation to all so we are supporting the whole community we love. Everyone should have a voice on how they want their city to look.

“Seniors needs are near to my heart as more are staying in home living, requiring more care and service accessibility, so a demand for addition home support would need to be addressed.

“Some redevelopment of the Baker Street strip and down town core, modernization of store fronts and possible condominiums with roof top patios will attract and keep our young adult professionals here. We also need to protect our Labour force by ensuring any new development opportunities for work are offered and kept local. Let’s explore more opportunities to showcase our talents for the arts, love of sports and the outdoors.

“These are just a few of the things I care about

“Cranbrook needs to reclaim its identity through community involvement at all levels.”

For the Townsman