Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services. Trevor Crawley photo.

Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services. Trevor Crawley photo.

Make sure your space is safe while staying home: Cranbrook Fire Services

Many homes may not be equipped to supply the electricity needed for home offices

Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services is asking residents to make sure their homes are safe while staying home and practicing social distancing to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

Cranbrook Fire Services explained that many homes may not be designed to properly supply the required electricity needed for home offices.

“With many people working from home or simply physically distancing, there may be an increased number of computers and other electronic devices being used,” said the fire department. “Cranbrook Fire and Emergency Services reminds residents to ensure their new offices and their homes in general are safe.”

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A press release issued by the fire department outlined a number of safety tips, including making sure your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms work. A laptop battery can cause a fire, for example.

“If you use a laptop on a couch or bed, make sure the battery is vented and your laptop does not overheat. Do not leave a laptop on a bed or soft surface unattended.”

It’s also important to pull the plug as opposed to the cord when disconnecting an electrical device.

“Never remove a plug when your hands are wet, or if you’re touching a metal object, and remember the third prong of a plug exists for safety reasons. Do not break it off or bypass it,” says Cranbrook Fire.

They add that it’s important to keep cords away from sources of heat and water, and to immediately replace any cords or plugs that show signs of wear and tear.

“Do not place a cord under a carpet, through a doorway, or anywhere that it could be stepped on, and always use extension cords that are properly rated for [the amount of] electricity you’ll be using.”

Using a certified power bar is the best way to plug in multiple items. Remember to unplug electrical gadgets from the power bar when not in use.

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Another safety tip is to discuss fire safety with your family and have a plan in the event that a fire were to break out. Have an escape plan, test and make sure that smoke alarms are working, have a meeting place, and instruct everyone to call 9-1-1 when they get out.

Lastly, Cranbrook Fire says to remain alert in the kitchen and stay in the kitchen while cooking to prevent unattended cooking fires.

“This team wants each of us to be safe in our homes and our property,” said Cranbrook Fire Services. “We want you to discover new and safe ways to operate your businesses, and we want you to remain safe while you move through our community in the days ahead.

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