Mainroad denies rumour of service cuts

Company addresses social media rumours, advises motorists to slow down and drive to conditions.

Mainroad Contracting is once again advising motorists to slow down and drive to conditions following a snowfall of up to four centimetres on Sunday night.

The company notes that plowing and sanding is in progress to combat expected slippery sections of highways.

Also, response to rumours circulating on social media, Mainroad says it has not changed their service levels.

“We have the same amount of resources and material available today as we have had since the beginning of this contract.  All of our equipment has been deployed and is working as per the contract obligations,” read a statement from the company.

“Throughout the province, challenging weather will not always permit us to have bare and black conditions nor is that a requirement of our contract, although we strive to return the highways to bare and black conditions as quickly as possible.

“Our maintenance crews are dedicated employees who have worked tirelessly to maintain the highways during these winter conditions and to the standards set by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

“Mainroad crews will be working to clear the highway surfaces as quickly as possible.”

Flurries are expected over the next 36 hours, and temperatures are expected to rise slightly, which may provide an opportunity to salt the main highways.

“In that event, expect slushy conditions while the salt works and once the salt has melted the compact the slush will be plowed off,” read a release from the company. “This will mean slippery sections with lots of slushy spray creating visibility issues.  Please leave extra time and be sure your windshield washer reservoir is full.”

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