Lost in the mists of time

Highlands PAC seeking info on school time capsule, starting with location.

Somewhere beneath the Highlands Elementary schoolyard is a time capsule buried 31 years ago by Grade 7 students.

The exact whereabouts of the capsule, however, are no longer known.

Lori Harris, who was a student in that class, said there was once a map, but it was misplaced or lost at some point.

She is hopeful that this year the capsule can be unearthed.

“Everything that we did that year we put it in that time capsule,” she said. “I don’t remember what I put in, but I guess everybody in the class put something in.”

She hopes that they might be able to find someone who owns a metal detector and is interested in doing a sweep of the likely area.

Otherwise, Harris plans to get a group of her classmates together to pinpoint the location.

Then it would be a matter of seeing whether anyone with a backhoe would be willing to dig it up.

The capsule was supposed to have been dug up six years ago on the 25th anniversary, but the class didn’t hear from their Grade 7 teacher on the matter.

Three years ago, Harris managed to contact her teacher and enquire about the capsule.

“At that time Mr. Tomicki said that Highlands School’s PAC (parent advisory council) was not interested in finding the capsule,” she said, since they didn’t have funding for it.

“There are people in our class now that I Facebook and they said they would definitely come back to Cranbrook for that,” she said of the unearthing.

The problem with pinpointing the location is that the schoolyard has changed over the years. For instance, there were more trees back then.

Harris wasn’t exactly sure anymore what was in the capsule.

“One person told me that I put in pictures of diamonds,” she laughed.

Tomicki added pens and other items in case they weren’t around in the next century, and the capsule, made from a garbage container, was sealed and buried.

Highland Elementary was K-7 back then.

“We were the class that was at Highlands the year it opened,” she said. “We were in Grade 4 and we moved up to Grade 7. It was supposed to be for our 25th anniversary and now we’re at 31.”

To get into contact with Harris about the time capsule, email magic123brodie@hotmail.com.