6th Street North from Kootenay Street to Victoria Avenue is one of the roads slated for repairs.

6th Street North from Kootenay Street to Victoria Avenue is one of the roads slated for repairs.

Looking forward to smooth new streets of Cranbrook

City of Cranbrook road work fixes announced for 2014

Fixes are coming to many roads around Cranbrook. The 2014 Capital Roads Program has outlined seven roadway priorities in terms of roadwork for the year.

The first is 6th Street North, from Kootenay Street to Victoria Avenue, at a cost of $1.7 million. That will include replacing portions of the sidewalk and concrete, removing and replacing the water main and the sanitary sewer main, removal of unsuitable soils and replacement of storm mains as required. A full reconstruction of the sub base, base and asphalt for the full width of the road is also planned and then the road will be repaved.

Mayor Wayne Stetski said he is excited about the program and the improvements it will bring to Cranbrook.

“From my perspective this is a great selection, a great choice,” Stetski said.

Industrial Road No. 2 is also up for improvements, between Industrial Road C to Industrial Road 3. The city estimates it will cost $347,200 and include milling and removing the asphalt, a regrade of the road with gravel and repaving.

Then there is the portion of 17th Avenue North, from 2nd Street North to 1st Street South, with an estimated cost of $336,000. That will include a mill and removal of the asphalt, then a regrade followed by repaving.

At the 2nd Street North and Victoria Avenue intersection, the city expects the cost to remove and replace the curb, gutter and sidewalk at the corners with larger letdowns, remove asphalt and repave will be $117,600.

On Baker Street at 17th Avenue, the city will install sidewalks on the north side of Baker Street, replace the curb, gutters and sidewalk on the south side of the street, as well as adding a catch basin to the parking lane asphalt. The areas will then be repaved. It will cost an estimated $112,000.

On 14th Avenue South, the city plans to install sidewalk and LED street lighting to the existing sidewalk on the west side of the avenue. That is estimated at $278,880.

The 8th Avenue sidewalk near Koko Beach will see a replacement of sidewalk for $23,600.

All of the above costs except the last one do include costs of engineering.

Coun. Sharon Cross said residents are always asking about the roads.

“I think this is a good opportunity for us to make this very well known within the community, along with the costs,” Cross said.