Long alcohol lineups at Offspring concert raised during council meeting

Long alcohol lineups at Offspring concert raised during council meeting

Two backstage concessions closed due to contractual terms, according to city staff

The issue of long adult beverage lineups during concerts at Western Financial Place arose in city council chambers on Monday night.

Councillor Norma Blissett queried staff about the matter, given feedback she had heard from concert patrons.

While there were two additional alcohol concessions set up for the occasion at Guest Services, along with a bar on the floor, lineups sometimes took 45 minutes, according to Blissett.

So why weren’t the two other concessions backstage open?

Mainly, it was a contractual issue, according to Paul Heywood, the city’s events manager.

“We had discussions on this,” said Heywood. “Basically, we’re a rental facility to the Offspring touring company that was taking it across the country and they stipulated that they wanted to see all the concessions behind the backstage area closed.

“We did get them to concede in allowing us to have an extra bar placed where guest services is and we also managed to get a bar placed on the floor prior to the Offspring opening up.”

Moving forward, Heywood said he will try to work with tour operators and concert promoters to work the operation of all four concessions into future contractual language while curtaining off the backstage area from prying eyes.

“There’s no guarantees even if we put into the contract that it will still stand, but it’s something we can put forward and hope for the best,” Heywood said.


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