Locals confirm safety in Nepal

Final two Cranbrook residents—Anni Coulter and Jim Campbell—have contacted family to confirm their safety.

Alex and Tricia McLeod are safe in Lukla and don't know yet when they'll be able to get a flight home.

Alex and Tricia McLeod are safe in Lukla and don't know yet when they'll be able to get a flight home.

While communication is still spotty at best inside Nepal, there is good news concerning a pair of Cranbrook residents, who have confirmed with family members that they are okay following a massive earthquake this past weekend.

Anni Coulter and Jim Campbell have made contact with relatives and are safe as of Monday night in Kathmandu, the national capital.

Coulter and Campbell are two of six local residents who are currently in Nepal and were caught up in the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on Saturday that has devastated much of the country.

Alex and Tricia McLeod are safe in a little village called Lukla, while Robyn Duncan and Kara Brissette are safe in Kathmandu and are staying in an American military compound while waiting for a flight out of the country.

According to a family member, the McLeods are helping out the best they can in the village with the aftermath of earthquake. Lukla is considered one of the main staging areas for trekking in the Nepalese mountains and up to Mount Everest base camp.

Brissette and Duncan have been staying in a military compound associated with the American embassy and were given cots to sleep on and military rations. According to the latest information, they were scheduled to fly out of the country on Tuesday night.

While it has been good news concerning the safety of Cranbrook residents in the country, frustration with the federal government has been mounting as other Canadian families search for loved ones.

A Canadian Forces C-17 transport plane carrying personnel and supplies will land in Kathmandu on Wednesday. A second transport plane is expected to arrive on Thursday.

Each plane will be able to carry up to 100 passengers to New Delhi in India once the supplies and equipment has been unloaded.

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