Local oldtimer films interview for Cranbrook-made film

Garth Loxton, 90, filmed telling the story of the Mad Trapper as he heard it from an army buddy who took part in the search.

In this screenshot from “Hunt for the Mad Trapper

In this screenshot from “Hunt for the Mad Trapper

A Cranbrook senior has become part of a local short film in production about the Mad Trapper.

Garth Loxton, 90, came forward with his unique story earlier this year after seeing an article in the Townsman about filmmaker Kaio Kathriner’s movie based on the Mad Trapper, a recluse living in the Northwest Territories in the 1930s who was tracked down by police and killed after he attacked Mounties.

In his youth, Loxton was in the army with a Mountie who was part of the search for the Mad Trapper.

“Garth’s story matched what we researched about the events regarding the Mad Trapper,” said Kathriner.

“He heard the story directly from one of the NWMP officers who participated in the 1932 shooting of the Mad Trapper himself. As the shooting happened 81 years ago, and the youngest member of the hunting party would now be over 100 years old, his second-hand account is one of the closest that we could have found.”

Although he now lives in Vancouver, Kathriner grew up in Cranbrook and chose to shoot the film in locations around Cranbrook and Kimberley, including the St. Mary Valley, in February. Many of the cast were Kathriner’s childhood friends who still live in Cranbrook.

Last week, Kathriner returned to Cranbrook to re-record some sound effects on location. While he was here with his co-producers, Kathriner visited Loxton and filmed a formal interview with the 90-year-old. The footage may be used at the end of the film or as a bonus feature.

“Garth welcomed us into his residence where we were able to set up and shoot a professional interview. It couldn’t have worked out better,” said Kathriner.

“It was incredible to hear the story of The Mad Trapper from Garth Loxton. I couldn’t believe our luck that Garth now resides in my hometown, Cranbrook, and that we got the opportunity to meet him, let alone shoot an interview with him.”

Kathriner said post-production of “The Hunt for the Mad Trapper” is now entering its second stage.

“We aim to have the film ready for a summer Cranbrook premiere and the fall festival circuit.”