Three-year-old Samboya

Three-year-old Samboya

Local canine reaches tracking dog milestone

Samboya and her handler Waldy Gorka achieved the Tracking Dog Excellent title on May 24

A Cranbrook German shepherd is proudly displaying a new ribbon after achieving her Tracking Dog Excellent title on Saturday, May 24.

Three-year-old Samboya, with her handler Waldy Gorka, was the only dog to pass the tracking test held by the Alberta Kennel Club in Calgary and receive the title from the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).

The tracking test is the second level out of four tests offered by the CKC.

It’s a one-kilometre, three- to five-hour-old track laid by a stranger, who leaves behind three articles. The track is then crossed by another stranger in an attempt to distract the dog from following the original track.

The dog must follow the original track laid by the first person and find each of the three articles in order to pass the test.

Samboya found each article, lying down beside them to indicate its significance.

Samboya and Waldy achieved the first level of tracking dog last year. The third level, which Samboya and Waldy are already training for, is the Urban Tracking Dog, followed by Urban Tracking Dog Excellent. Then the dog is awarded the Champion Tracking Dog title.

The newly formed Cranbrook German Shepherd Dog Club helped Samboya and Waldy train for last weekend’s competition, along with many others who helped by laying tracks for Samboya to follow.

“Words cannot express our extreme gratitude, as this endeavour takes many, many hours of training,” said club member Ewa Gorka.

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