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Lee-Anne Walker to run for Area A director

Walker has lived in Area A since 1983 and has been involved in various management campaigns
Lee-Anne Walker has declared she is running for RDEK Area A director. (Mark Gallup / Photo submitted)

Lee-Anne Walker has declared she will run for Area A director at the coming October 15 general election.

A long-time environmental campaigner and Hosmer local, Walker has been involved with the Elk Valley Cumulative Effects Management Framework, Teck’s Selenium Management Plan, Fernie’s Tourism Master Plan, and the RDEK Area A Sustainable Tourism Project – all of which she said proved she could build bridges and find new approaches to development discussion.

In a release announcing her campaign, Walker said she wanted to tackle the ‘big issues’ challenging rural areas, such as the preservation of Area A’s rural lifestyle, progressive development, affordable housing and the mitigation of risks from fire and flood.

“Water quality, wildlife habitat and outdoor recreational access are essential to those of us living here”, she said.

“What do we want our Elk Valley future to look like in 20, 50, 100 years from now, when our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren live or visit here? I want them to be able to paddle clean rivers, meandering by healthy riverbanks. I see wildlife continuing to live alongside residents, thriving as they rear young. Hunting and fishing will continue to be active pursuits. People will make a decent living in sustainable jobs, and be able to support their families and homes in the Elk Valley”.

Drawing on her education researching water management decisions and community, Walker said she believed that common understanding, listening respectfully, and applying a policy of open communication was necessary to make accountable and transparent decisions that affect everyone, and that she would apply her experience working with industry, government and community to improve decision-making processes at the Regional District.

“I’ve lived in Area A since 1983”, said Walker. “This is my home, the place that I’ve raised my family. It nurtures my heart and soul. I’ve worked my entire career here as an entrepreneur, educator and manager. I’m dedicated to improving our community because I love living life in the mountains playing alongside my friends and neighbours”.

Walker said that Area A needed a leader with vision and experience. “I have the education, experience, time and energy to dedicate to dedicate to this challenging job, and I’m up for it.”

Area A voters will vote for a new director at the October 15 general election.

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