Kootenay Authors Book Fair this weekend

Jim Cameron among others will be a special guest at the event, which is being hosted by Lotus Books.

  • Dec. 1, 2015 10:00 a.m.
Jim Cameron is a special guest at the upcoming Kootenay Authors Book Fair.

Jim Cameron is a special guest at the upcoming Kootenay Authors Book Fair.

For the Townsman

When ten Kootenay authors gather at Lotus Books for the Kootenay Authors Book Fair this Saturday, local columnist and historian Jim Cameron will be one of the event’s special guests. He will be talking about his recently published book, Cranbrook: Then and Now.

We caught up with Jim Cameron and asked him a few questions about his book and the weekend’s event:

Q: What inspired you to write the book, Cranbrook: Then and Now?

A: I’ve been writing about local history in newspapers and magazines for the past ten years. It seemed like now was the time to gather things together into a series of books.

Q: What has been the reaction to your book?

A: The reaction to the book has been very positive since it was released four months ago. Sales have gone well and I am already making plans for a second printing. It has been a pleasure to meet and talk with people who have read it, especially those whose ancestors figure into the stories.

Q:  Why do you think people are so interested in the history of the area?

A: Aside from an interest in history held by many people in general, I think it is a combination of newcomers to the area discovering things about the people and events that have helped make Cranbrook what it is today and, for those whose roots are firmly planted in the area, an opportunity to reconnect with their own past.

Q: What do you think of the upcoming Kootenay Author’s Book Fair?

A: It’s great to have an opportunity to meet with readers and other authors in such a nice setting like our local bookstore and the folks at Lotus Books who have so much previous experience in creating an event such as this.

Want to ask Jim Cameron some questions yourself or meet any of the other authors at the event? Then drop by the Kootenay Authors Book Fair, hosted by Lotus Books in downtown Cranbrook on Saturday, December 5th, at Lotus Books 33 –10thAvenue South in downtown Cranbrook, 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.

Then starting at 2:00 there will be a series of 3-minute book reviews.  Each author will be given several minutes to review their book and state why it should be added to your bookshelf this year.

“We are really excited to have so many local authors in the store this year.  Ten authors is a record for us,” said Erin Dalton, owner of Lotus Books. “It promises be a great event highlighting local writers and books. We encourage everyone to drop in and meet many of our local area writers.”

Kootenay authors will be in-store all afternoon to sign, chat about and promote their books.  A wide variety books will be available for readers to discover including historical novels, adventure stories, tales from yesteryear, stories of personal triumph, achievement and tragedy and personal memoirs

This year’s Kootenay author’s lineup includes…

Special Guest — Jim Cameron: of Cranbrook.  Popular history buff and Daily Townsman columnist Jim Cameron has produced an exquisite compilation of his newspaper columns about the history and intrigue of Cranbrook’s distance and not-so-distance past.  His photo heavy book is called Cranbrook: Then and Now.

Special Guest — Amanda Bath: of Kaslo, author of Disaster in Paradise.  Her gripping tale of survival and triumph tells the story of when her mountainside home was struck by the devastating Johnson’s Landing mudslides of 2013.  Amanda’s story is heart wrenching and heartwarming at the same time.

Bill Roberts: Kimberley  This is the first time popular Kimberley-based writer Bill Roberts has participated in the Kootenay Authors Fair.  His amazing book, Best Miners in the World: Stories from Canada’s Sullivan Mine is a reader favourite.

Frank McIntyre and Dennis Dilts, Elko and Grasmere: These two experienced cowboys and outdoor big game guides have collaborated on a colourful novel that mirrors many of their own adventurous times called A Promise that Bears Honour.

Elinor Florence: Invermere.   Elinor Florence’s book A Bird’s Eye View has been out almost exactly a year now and has captured the attention and imagination of readers across Canada.  Elinor has crisscrossed western Canada and some of Ontario promoting her book and now she brings her delightful story to Cranbrook.

Keith G. Powell: Living in the Shadow of Fisher Peak is his first historical novel that tells the story of Jack Fisher, the discoverer of gold on Wild Horse Creek and namesake of Mount Fisher along with his second book Raising Kain, the adventurous life of Conrad Kain.  His most recent book is the Fisher Peak Chronicles, a collection of Mt. Fisher themed stories about the prominent peak.

Colin Cartwright: Canal Flat resident and former mayor, Colin Cartwright knows of what he writes about. His two books are Empty on the Swan and Kootenay Bears capture the essence of the Kootenay wilderness experience.  Come meet a genuine storyteller.

Janet Penner: Cranbrook   Waltzing With Dad: A gift of legacy takes readers from the author’s childhood spent getting to school by dog sleigh, to the challenges of her adult years. This true story has proven to be a page turner. Be prepared to read about bear traps, dead soldiers, Gestapo, mental hospitals, trucks on fire, llamas, being homeless and more.

Brendan Gillen: This Cranbrook-based author of has published over a half a dozen adventure stories in the grand tradition of Jack London—man verses the elements. His newest book is hot of press with more adventures from Stewart, B.C and joins the likes of Maguire’s Last Stand.

Stop by the Kootenay Authors Book Fair and Sale at Lotus Books in downtown Cranbrook, Saturday afternoon, December 5th. Put a little Kootenay on your reading list this year.