Kimberley Search and Rescue were able to quickly respond to a call for service and transport an injured mountain biker to East Kootenay Regional Hospital over the weekend. Kimberley SAR file photo.

Kimberley Search and Rescue respond to injured mountain biker on Bootleg Mountain

Kimberley Search and Rescue responded to a call for service this past weekend after a man took a fall while mountain biking the trails on Bootleg Mountain.

Kimberley SAR’s Search Manager said that the individual’s friends essentially did everything correctly in the situation. They didn’t attempt to move him, which is something people frequently try to do when they should not, and their friends were able to call 911 very quickly.

This allowed SAR to launch very quickly. One crew went up by ground with another ground crew deployed just behind them and another by a Big Horn medical helicopter, so the individual was able to immediately receive medical attention.

Advanced medical was on scene in quick order and the individual was transferred to East Kootenay Regional Hospital with “significant, but not necessarily life threatening injuries.”

“This rescue was really slick,” Kimberley SAR search manager said. “It was fast, we were able to get in contact with the subject’s friends right away and they were able to talk us in and once we got there everything was ready. This one was just a really good one, we were done in a very short time.”

They added that if you’re on a mountain bike trail or resource road, give the name when you call 911, but also give landmark descriptors, not just coordinates. Also make sure you have someone who is able to come into cell service if necessary.


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