Kimberley Golf Club members vote to proceed with sale of course

Purcell International Education will be purchasing the 18-hole course

Members have voted to proceed with the sale of the Kimberley Golf Club.

Members have voted to proceed with the sale of the Kimberley Golf Club.

Kimberley golf club members agreed on Thursday evening to sell the Kimberley Golf Course, established in 1924, to Purcell International Education (PIE).

Golf Club Board Member Ron Christensen said the agreement is the best possible outcome for everyone.

PIE has ambitious plans to build a 450-student international school in Kimberley, and aside from securing financing, the one challenge was location.

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30-50 acres of land are required to build the campus that will house the school, dormitory, outdoor track and a field house including an indoor soccer pitch and arena.

One of the sites that interested PIE was the Kimberley Golf Club, and now that the Club members have voted to proceed with the sale, it is the likely site of school.

“We voted to proceed with negotiations for the sale of the golf course,” Christensen said. “There will be one more vote when the final sales agreement is reached.”

While members voted to proceed with the sale, this does not mean they will lose access to the course.

“We believe we have protected the membership as best as possible,” he said. “There will still be a golf course and we will sign a 10-year rolling agreement regarding rates and access that will be renewed every five years.

“They may name the golf course something else, but there will still be a Kimberley Golf Club.”

Christensen says that proceeds of the sale will all go to paying out the debt the golf course carries.

“Golf courses aren’t worth that much right now. For the last nine years, we haven’t really made that much.”

Christensen says one of the other issues besides debt is the need to replace all the course equipment.

“They will take that golf course up to a higher standard. They have some wonderful ideas. I believe this is the best for everyone.

“They will make it a jewel again.”