Kimberley Area Wine Fairies spreading joy in difficult times, one gift basket at a time

Kimberley Area Wine Fairies spreading joy in difficult times, one gift basket at a time

With so much bad news and uncertainty in the world, a small gesture of kindness can go a long way in the life of an individual. A new phenomena of “getting ninja’d” that’s been going on lately, has been localized by Kelly Weir and her friend Susan Sahota.

A few weeks ago, Weir was scrolling through her Facebook feed when she noticed some of her friends in Alberta posted that they had just been “ninja’d,” and shared an image of the gift basket they received. The one care package consisted of a bottle of wine, a cooler, a wine cup, a bag of chips, hand lotion and a card.

Accompanying the photo, this person wrote, “I got ninja’d and it was awesome! So many wonderful/thoughtful ladies out there!”

Weir thought to herself, “wow this is amazing, especially during these crazy times. I need in on this!”

A few days later she noticed that a group existed called the Kootenay Wine Fairies. Weir joined the group and saw the ladies posting their addresses to get ninja’d, but she saw that the majority of them lived in the West Kootenays.

Weir’s friend Susan was also a member in this group, and after discussing it together on May 23, they decided they needed to start a group for Kimberley and the surrounding area, and so the Kimberley Area Wine Fairies was born.

Weir describes it as “a private group for ladies to go out and ninja fairy a fellow group member with something they have requested.”

The packages usually consist of wine, coolers, beer, non-alcoholic beverages, snacks and “whatever else you think will make their day,” Weird said.

The amount spent is up to the person putting it together and depends on the individual’s financial position.

“A lot of ladies have posted that it has made their day and that’s all I’m wanting out of this,” Weir said. “Times are though right now and something like this can make an impact on someone for sure, in the good way.”

As of Wednesday, May 27, the group had over 200 members.

Weir asks the ladies of the group to put a wine glass emoji under their information after they have been ninja fairied. That way, when someone is looking for an address to drop off a package at, they can pick one without the glass.

“This helps with everyone getting a turn, then maybe we can start round two,” Weir said. “If they want to do it more than once, I’m not going to say no they can’t. The more happiness we can bring to these lovely ladies, the better.”

More and more posts on social media pop up with ladies posting their gifts and how delighted they are to have received them.

“Susan and I went out together and had a blast gathering all the items for the bags” Weir said. “I’m not going to lie but we decided to do two bags each. We dressed up in all black and put tutus on. It’s one of the best afternoons we’ve had in awhile making someone’s day.”


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