The Kootenay East Youth Soccer Association (KEYSA) is fundraising for an indoor facility that can be used for soccer and other recreational activities.

The Kootenay East Youth Soccer Association (KEYSA) is fundraising for an indoor facility that can be used for soccer and other recreational activities.

KEYSA fundraising for indoor facility

The Kootenay East Youth Soccer Association (KEYSA) is proposing to construct and operate an indoor sports facility in Cranbrook. The facility will be an air-supported dome with artificial turf to provide year-round access to field-based sports.

The current concept is a partnership between KEYSA and the City of Cranbrook. KEYSA will raise funds to construct the facility and the City will provide land. A building location has not yet been identified, but the hope is to select an area that will allow the organization to maximize the use of existing infrastructure, such as a paved and lit parking lot, concession, and club house, depending on location.

After construction, KEYSA will assume responsibility for operations, with operation and maintenance being costed by user fees. Administration of user groups and scheduling will also be provided by KEYSA. The facility will benefit multiple user groups and allow for year-round use, promoting a healthy life style in our community by providing a suitable surface conducive to field-based activities.

The project is currently in the initial planning phase, but KEYSA has submitted a letter to Mayor and Council with specific requests, including the request for the City to provide a suitable location for the facility. A budget to construct the facility has also been completed in this phase. Under the current building concept, the total construction cost is estimated between $1.4 million, excluding land.

Funds to cover capital expenses associated with construction of the facility are planned to be raised through a combination of donations, grants, and in-kind contributions. KEYSA has set a target to obtain approximately $500,000 in grants. This leaves the remaining $900,000 as the goal from donations and in-kind contributions. Donors will be recognized on a list of donors displayed within the facility, on the KEYSA website, and in local newspapers. Donors will be listed under the following donor tiers.

• Tin: $1-$1,000

• Bronze: Greater than $1,000

• Silver: Greater than $2,500

• Gold: Greater than $5,000

• Platinum: Greater than $10,000

To assist in funding, KEYSA has acquired the services of the Cranbrook and District Community Foundation (CDCF) to be the single organization that will accept all financial donations and hold them until such a time that construction can proceed. The CDCF will issue charitable receipts for these donations.

In early 2017, KEYSA conducted a donor drive to assess community support. From this, the organization were able to obtain over $120,000 in financial and in-kind support in just five days. Now, with the support of the CDCF, KEYSA will be able to receive those donations and continue with fundraising efforts.

For all interested in donating to this project or simply finding out more information, KEYSA will be holding an information session at The Heritage Inn at 7:00 pm on Thursday, October 26. Alternatively people can contact Mike Robinson at 250-421-7802 or