John York returns for election number three

A familiar face on the Cranbrook electoral scene is back for his third election.

John York

John York

A familiar face on the Cranbrook electoral scene is back for his third election.

John York is again campaigning to be elected Mayor of Cranbrook in the upcoming Nov. 15 municipal election.

York is running on a platform of economic and political accountability and transparency, starting with ballot box security during elections themselves.

York says the security was slack during the last election.

“I’ve been writing letters to all levels of government for three years,” York said. “And security has been tightened in most areas. But sadly, what goes on behind closed doors could be improved.”

York is currently creating a website which will lay out the details of these concerns and others. It’s due to go live on Oct. 31 —

York is also taking on the costs incrued by the Rec Plex. “Three years ago I was the only mayoral candidate who dared challenge this money pit,” he says. “I’ve figured out that every day City Hall is burning $9,431 in tax dollars to keep the Rec Plex afloat.” York added that those figures are taken from the City’s financial projections. If elected, he will try to either get the Rec Plex to pay for itself, or sell it.

York includes among his previous accomplishments getting the City to rescind fees to use Cranbrook playing fields fo a casual game, such as soccer. “Now we can use any unoccupied field for school yard for a pick-up game, without fear of penalty.”

York feels that activities of City Council must be more open and transparent. “I found out that City Hall has no policy to disclose how the mayor or councillors voted, nor must they list what they accomplished while in office. Without accountibility, how do we know who to re-elect, or who to boot out of office?”

The candidate is also extremely pleased to see the question of fluoridation of Cranbrook’s water supply on the ballot. York is adamantly opposed to fluoride in the water.

“I’ve worked very hard to get this issue to the forefront,” he said. “I feel like I’ve spent the last three years writing letters.”

All this and more will be available for public consumption when York’s website goes up on Oct. 31. ( Other topics addressed here will include:

• How voters are manipulated;

• Why credit is a dirty word;

• Why we must all vote;

• Who to vote for when you don’t like any of the choices, be it municipal, provincial or federal;

• How to know who to kick out.