Joe Pierre, was re-elected Nasuʔkin (chief) of ʔaq̓am (St. Mary's Band), in an election on Wednesday, Feb. 17. Phil McLachlan photo

Joe Pierre elected as Nasuʔkin of ʔaq̓am in Wednesday vote

Joe Pierre has been voted in as Nasuʔkin (chief) of ʔaq̓am, following an election Wednesday.

ʔaq̓am residents went to the polls this week to elect a chief and two band councillors to the Ktunaxa First Nation community near Cranbrook, after last October’s election results were overturned by an appeal.

Last fall, Joe Pierre Jr. was voted Nasuʔkin through a draw, after results showed an exact tie with fellow candidate Julie Birdstone, following the Oct. 28th election.

That election result was challenged, and an appeals and complaints board ruled the results invalid because mail out notices to ʔaq̓am voters who live outside the community were not sent out before the election, which may have affected voter participation and results.

Results from Wednesday’s vote confirmed Pierre’s election, with 93 votes.

Juliet Birdstone was elected Councillor with 84 votes, and Sancira Williams-Jimmy also elected Councillor with 77.

Other candidates included Codie Andrew-Morigeau (71), Terance White (43) and Colton Johnstone (38).