Jenny Humphrey: Woman of the Year

Cranbrook recognizes a dedicated citizen at a special ceremony

Jenny Humphrey at the CFUW Woman of the Year celebration

Jenny Humphrey at the CFUW Woman of the Year celebration

Local volunteer, retired educator and community advocate Jenny Humphrey was recognized as Cranbrook’s Woman of the Year on Thursday, March 7.

Humphrey was honoured in a special event at the Manual Training Centre hosted by the Canadian Federation of University Women, Cranbrook chapter.

Friends, family, coworkers and grateful citizens attended the event to congratulate Humphrey on her achievements.

“It is a great honour to receive this award. It truly is a humbling experience when suddenly the focus of the event is you,” Humphrey said when accepting the award.

“These groups I associate with, work and volunteer with all have a close relationship with the Earth we live on.”

Gerry Sobie, Councillor Sharon Cross, Jan Gordon-Hooker and Mayor Wayne Stetski all acknowledged Humphrey’s achievements since she moved to Cranbrook in 1973.

“Since that time, she has been an impacting citizen and ambassador for the city and the area as an educator, a master gardener, an activist and an advocate for the arts,” said Sobie.

She has been or still is a part of Citizens for a Livable Cranbrook, Cranbrook in Bloom, Cranbrook and District Arts Council, Cranbrook Community Forest, Cranbrook Garden Club, the Highway 3/95 committee and a regular hiking group.

“Jenny’s family should be very proud of her and what she has accomplished over the years,” said Mayor Stetski.

“She has been a really important part of Cranbrook ever since she has been here.”

Cross and Gordon-Hooker spoke as friends of Humphrey, telling stories about her personality. Cross said she good-naturedly refers to Humphrey as “Miss J. Marple” after the fictional British investigator, and wonders if she isn’t secretly a member of MI5.

“Jenny’s tenacity and penchant for learning are a few of her outstanding qualities,” said Cross.

“Our city is witness to Jenny’s passion for taking Cranbrook beyond presentable to beautiful.

“Her enthusiasm is infectious and her sense of humour is endearing.

Gordon-Hooker said Jenny is happiest spending time with her family and grandchildren or getting her hands dirty in the garden.

“She is an interesting person, a warm, kind friend and she is very involved in the community in many ways,” said Gordon-Hooker.

Humphrey is one of 35 recipients of the Cranbrook Woman of the Year award, which the University Women give out every year to mark International Women’s Day, March 8.