It’s that time of year … keep clear of the antlers

It’s that time of year … keep clear of the antlers

It’s Fightin’ Season

Beware of them bucks struttin' their stuff durin' the rut

The autumn deer mating period known as rutting is almost upon us here in the Kootenays and the rutting bucks are preparing to strut their stuff, which means keep your distance.

The City of Cranbrook is hoping that people will use caution and common sense this fall as the male deer begin their courtship.

The mating season is usually in full swing in November and December, but in the preceding weeks bucks increase displays of dominance and indirect threats.

The city noted that a dominant buck typically circles a rival with deliberate steps. It has its back arched, its head low and its tail flicking. Bucks can also display dominance by violently thrashing the bushes with their antlers.

“We are into a transition period, where some does with fawns remain wary and potentially aggressive toward humans with dogs,” Mayor Wayne Stetski said.

“Now we could also see an increase in aggressive activity from the local urban buck population. Residents are reminded to please give deer plenty of space to move or leave the area.”

Stetski recommended finding another route rather than walking near the deer.

Acts of deer aggression where public safety is at risk should be reported to the city or Conservation Officer Services.

Both organizations keep track of these instances of aggression.

The City of Cranbrook has an information brochure, entitled Living with Urban Deer. It is available for pick up at city hall or download a copy using the link provided.

To report an incident to conservation officers call 1-877-952-7277.

To report an incident to the city call 250-426-4211 or email