Injured eagle rescued on Teck lands

Teck staff and conservation officers rescue injured bald eagle in Kimberley

  • Feb. 19, 2015 7:00 a.m.
A Conservation Officer approaches an injured female bald eagle

A Conservation Officer approaches an injured female bald eagle

For the Townsman

On February 10, Stewart Foisy, a Teck employee, was performing a daily inspection of Teck property at the reclaimed Sullivan Mine site when he noticed an injured bald eagle.

Teck called the BC Conservation Officer Service in the East Kootenay Zone for assistance.

Two conservation officers came to the property, captured the injured bald eagle and transported it to the Invermere ‘Birds of Prey’ sanctuary for treatment.

The bald eagle was found to be a young female with a bruised wing. After rehabilitation, the bird will be returned to Teck’s property in Kimberley to nest.

Conservation officers did not know the cause of the bird’s injuries, but suspected that they may have been caused by fighting with other eagles over a kill.

“Through our reclamation activities and ongoing environmental stewardship efforts, Teck’s Sullivan Mine site is a robust natural habitat for many wildlife species,” said Michelle Unger, Senior Environmental Scientist, Teck.

“Thanks to our active monitoring, we were able to facilitate the rescue of an injured bald eagle that would have likely succumbed to predators or starvation.”