First responders on the scene of Thursday’s accident near Black Bear Bridge corner.

First responders on the scene of Thursday’s accident near Black Bear Bridge corner.

Impaired driver causes accident in Kimberley

A busy weekend on the roads has led to two arrests in Kimberley and several violation tickets.

  • Oct. 26, 2014 1:00 p.m.


A busy weekend on the roads has led to two arrests in Kimberley and several violation tickets.

The first incident occurred at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, October 23.

RCMP Cpl. Chris Newel reports that Kimberley RCMP, Fire Department and BC Ambulance all attended a crash on Hwy 95A at Rotary Drive that was caused by an impaired driver.

“The driver, a 24-year old female from Cranbrook, failed to stop before turning left onto highway 95A from Rotary Drive, near Black Bear Bridge, and then entered the opposing lane hitting on oncoming vehicle head on,” Newel saId.

“Once on scene police quickly noted the driver showed signs of alcohol consumption and entered into an impaired driving investigation.

“The officer read the breath demand and the driver supplied a breath sample into the Roadside Screen Device which was a “Fail”.

The subject was then taken back to the detachment where two more breath samples were obtained on a Breathalyzer; both those samples were over the legal limit.”

Newel says that charges of Impaired Driving Causing Bodily Harm have been recommended.

The driver of the other vehicle was taken to East Kootenay Regional with injuries to her leg and collar bone. The passenger of the other vehicle was also taken to hospital with minor injuries.

“There is a common misconception that impaired drivers are only out at night,” Newel said. “Police are on the lookout for impaired drivers at all times. Remember if you drink, don’t drive.”

Another arrest occurred Friday night when police stopped a vehicle after noting the driver was not displaying an N to indicate a new driver.

“Kimberley RCMP were conducting a road check just east of Kimberley on highway 95A when the incident took place,” Newel said. “Upon approach police asked the driver for her license, she produced an N license and police noted there was no N visible on the back of the vehicle.  Police did further checks on the vehicle and saw that it had been involved in an impaired driving investigation a year ago. A review of the file found the accused was wanted.  Believing the passenger may be the subject of an arrest warrant police asked for some identification, once identity was confirmed he was arrested. He had failed to attend court on the impaired driving charge and is now facing another charge of Fail to Attend court.

Two other drivers were issued violations tickets the same night for failing to possess a valid driver’s license, Newel reports

“In the first instance an officer checked a vehicle and found the driver’s license of the registered owner had been suspended. The vehicle was stopped and police confirmed identity of the driver. During discussion it was learned that the subject was behind in his family maintenance payments and his driver’s license was suspended.

In the second case during the road check an officer asked a driver for his license.

“He said he didn’t have it but was only going a short distance,” said Newel. “This immediately raised suspicion. A check found the driver had not held a valid license for four years.  In 2010 the driver had been the subject to an impaired driving investigation and his driving privileges revoked.  Although he was not long prohibited from driving he failed to get a new license. He told police he thought it was automatically reinstated. The procrastination was likely due to money owing for fines.”