Hometown boy returns for concert

Mike Buckley's band Locomotive Ghost will join Good Ol' Goats for Sept. 7 show at the Stage Door

Locomotive Ghost will perform on Sept. 7 in Cranbrook.

Locomotive Ghost will perform on Sept. 7 in Cranbrook.

A band with Kootenay roots will be coming to town to play in September. That band is Locomotive Ghost, who will be playing a show with Cranbrook’s the Good Ol’ Goats on September 7.

Locomotive Ghost member Mike Buckley is from Cranbrook. It will be his first time playing here in a number of years.

“So we’re excited to have a sort of homecoming show,” Buckley said. “We’re playing the same bill with the Good Ol’ Goats. We’ve never played with or met them before, but we were actually in the same CBC Searchlight contest. We didn’t make it as far; we made it to the regional southern Alberta finals.”

But through that contest, Locomotive Ghost became aware of them.

“We just thought, if we’re going to play a show in Cranbrook, those would be the number-one guys to play with,” he said. “We’re really excited to share the show with them.”

The show is happening at the Stage Door and Buckley said it’s also the band’s first theatre style show.

“Up until now we’ve played hundreds of bars and cafes, and some less traditional venues in the past year or so. We started doing some community events and stuff in Calgary, but never ever made it into an actual theatre, so we’re pretty excited.”

Buckley and fellow band member Ben Nixon studied music at Selkirk College in Nelson and moved to Calgary about two and a half years ago.

The band is now based out of Calgary and delves into many musical styles.

“Generally speaking it’s folk rock; we’ve been calling it modern folk groove recently.” Buckley said. “Between the four of us, we have quite a broad array of musical influences and backgrounds.”

He said as the project has moved along it has become a lot more of a collaboration between the band members.

“When we began, it was mostly myself writing the majority of the songs, but now it has sort of become a shared responsibility to all contribute to the creation of the songs,” he said.

The band all has day jobs but is touring western Canada to promote a seasonal project.

“We’re actually releasing four seven-inch EPs on vinyl, one for each season,” he said. “We’re halfway through that. We’ve released Spring and Summer. Autumn will be released on October 19.”

The EPs squeeze about six or seven minutes on each side, so Buckley said they’ve managed to get four songs on each.

“Each season we approached intentionally, writing a different style of music to evoke the feeling of the given season,” he said. “The Spring album is probably more folk and country influenced, whereas the Summer album is a little more pop. The upcoming Autumn record is a little more on the heavy side, with a lot more electric guitars and some synth, just a little more modern sounding, I’d say. The Winter one is our attempt at writing out an orchestral album.”

The show is Saturday, Sept. 7 at 8 p.m at the Studio/Stage Door. It’s $20 and tickets are pre-purchase only at www.locomotiveghost.com.