Historic Elko station to get heritage designation

The building near Cranbrook’s downtown will soon be permitted to house a retail business.

There may soon be a retail business operating out of the old Elko station on Highway 3/95 in Cranbrook.

Owned by the City of Cranbrook but operated by the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel, the historic Elko station has contained offices in the past.

But now a retail business is interested in leasing the space from the museum, and the city is moving ahead with rezoning that will make that possible.

While the railway museum next door is zoned commercial, the Elko station is presently zoned community recreation. City staff will prepare bylaw amendments to change its zoning to community commercial to allow for the retail tenant.

At the request of the museum’s new executive director Damon Colgan, the city will also proceed with adding the Elko station, adjacent water tower and freight shed to the city’s heritage bylaw.

“I think that by doing this it will assist the Canadian Museum of Rail Travel in becoming a lot more financially independent, and it will also go a long way in protecting our heritage,” said Coun. Sharon Cross at the Monday, September 9 council meeting.