Alice Cullum celebrates her 102nd birthday

Alice Cullum celebrates her 102nd birthday

Happy 102nd birthday

Alice Cullum, a resident of Cranbrook's Joseph Creek Care Village, celebrated her 102nd birthday on Thursday

Alice Cullum turned 102 on Dec. 19 and celebrated at Joseph’s Creek Care Village with friends, family and staff.

Alice was born in Walden, Sask. in 1911.

During the depression years, she and her sister supported her mother, father and two brothers by working as hair stylists.

At age 28 she married Matt Cullum and raised their two sons.

It was in 1988 that she moved to Cranbrook with her son Gary and his wife Sue.

An avid curler and bridge player, Alice earned her Master’s 100 level points in bridge in 1961. She continued to play until age 99.

Her family is no stranger to longevity, as Alice’s mother lived to be 101.