Green Party candidate elated with first campaign experience

Green Party candidate elated with first campaign experience

For a candidate in her debut election, with a party normally considered “other,” Yvonne Prest of the Green Party was having a pretty good election night. She was pleased with the vote count coming in, and her party was making a strong showing across the province.

“I’m absolutely elated at the Green numbers in our riding,” she told the Townsman late Tuesday night, and the fact that we already have two seats (the Green Party would end up electing three — and it is mused the Greens may hold the balance of power in a minority provincial government).

Even so, Prest expressed surprised the amount of Liberal support in Kootenay East — 57 per cent of the vote. “I thought it would be more evenly split,” she said.

“But obviously I’m happy for my colleagues — and all the other candidates. Everyone was amazing to work with and be in the debates with.”

As Prest spoke to the Townsman, she was at over 1,000 votes and counting. She ended up with 1,814 votes, or 11 per cent of the total.

Prest has taken to politics and campaigning, and is looking forward to continuing to carry the Green Party message.

“I think that we have a movement here, and it’s just the beginning,” she said. “I really look forward to running again in four years’ time, and I want continue working on Green initiatives and Green projects, and just get to know more people throughout the region, networking, and give it my all one more time.”