The delegation from the Fisher Peak Brewing Company after being awarded silver for the Soggy Otter Brown Ale in the English Bitters category. Photo courtesy Jordon Aasland.

Fisher Peak Brewing Company earns national brewing award

Soggy Otter Brown Ale wins silver in the English Bitters category at the Canadian Brewing Awards

The Fisher Peak Brewing Company can boast another award-winning ale as part of it’s lineup.

The Soggy Otter Brown Ale earned a silver nod in the English Bitter category at the Canadian Brewing Awards in Halifax a week ago.

The Soggy Otter Brown Ale is the latest award winner in the Fisher Peak Brewing Company’s slate, as the Dark and Stormy Porter, and the Hellroaring Scottish Ale, both of which have previously won gold in their respective categories — the latter having earned it twice.

The Canadian Brewing Awards feature over 59 different categories, ranging from styles originating from Europe, the U.K. and North America, along with mixed beers.

In the English Bitters category, Soggy Otter Brown Ale was bested only by Long Game brewed by Corsaire Microbrasserie out of Quebec.

Jordon Aasland is the mastermind behind the Fisher Peak Brewing Company’s latest accolade with the Soggy Otter Brown Ale.

“It’s made with English malt, so the malt we use in those comes from England, and then of course, the hops are all English hops,” Aasland said. “There’s three varieties of what they call noble hops, or English hops, in that beer.”

Batches are brewed 1,000 litres at a time, which takes about two to three weeks for fermentation.

The first step is boiling the grains, to covert the starch to sugar, and then the sugar gets washed into another container, as the yeast converts it into alcohol. It then goes into a fermenter and fermented for about three weeks, and then it’s put into a conditioning tank for another three weeks before it’s ready to serve.

In addition to the awards ceremony, the event also included seminars, guest speakers and a trade show, as craft brewers were able to talk shop and share information.

“Everything from how to implement fruit into your beer products to how to keep bugs from infecting your wild yeast strains and all that stuff and infecting your beer, to canning procedures — all that beer geeky stuff which is usually really interesting,” said Aasland.

Other breweries in the East Kootenay were also feted at the conference; the Fernie Brewing Company picked up gold in Irish and Scotch Ales with their Ridgewalk Red Ale, while also earning an honourable mention with their Professor Amber Lager in the European Style Amber to Dark Lager category.

Whitetooth Brewing out of Golden was also tapped for an honourable mention with their Thread The Needle Witbier in the Herb and Spice Beer category.