Fire chief salutes local volunteers

Fire chief salutes local volunteers

Jaffray fire chief lauds teamwork following a series of serious calls over the last few weeks.

A fatal motor vehicle incident is the latest in several serious calls over the past few weeks for the volunteer firefighters of the South Country Rural Fire and Rescue Service and their Chief is saluting his entire team.

“Early Sunday morning members of the Jaffray, Baynes Lake and Elko Fire Departments responded to a serious motor vehicle incident that left one woman dead, a young girl and others injured. These calls are never easy and our volunteer firefighters once again did an exceptional job on a very difficult call,” says Fire Chief Dave Boreen. “Our small rural departments in the South Country work closely together and support one another in incidents. This is another example where our team model not only helps in the response, but in supporting one another following challenging incidents.”

Just over a month ago, members of all three departments responded to a multi-casualty, multi-vehicle incident near Galloway when a commercial vehicle collided with four other vehicles in a construction zone. In that same time frame, they have responded to a difficult industrial fire and a rash of other smaller incidents.

“I can’t say enough about our firefighters and responders. In our small, rural communities where we are long distances from populated centres and medical facilities, the service they provide is truly invaluable,” adds Boreen. “When I see them go to not one, not two, but multiple difficult calls, it makes me appreciate and respect their service all that much more.”

The South Country Fire Departments are located in Jaffray and Baynes Lake with a satellite department in Elko. In addition to their multi-department response structure, the volunteers often train together.

“I hope the residents in our communities take a moment this week to thank a local firefighter. They deserve our accolades,” adds Boreen.

New firefighter recruits are always welcome and all training is provided. Anyone interested in becoming a part of a South Country fire department can contact Boreen or Deputy Chief Michael Hockley at 250-429-3133.