Faiers running for city council

Long-time resident wants to focus on financial planning and infrastructure.

Longtime Cranbrook resident Bob Faiers is running for Cranbrook city council in the upcoming municipal election.

Longtime Cranbrook resident Bob Faiers is running for Cranbrook city council in the upcoming municipal election.

Bob Faiers has thrown his hat into the civic election and will be running as a city council candidate for the upcoming Nov. 15 election.

Faiers is a born and raised Cranbrook resident who spent over 25 years in the forestry business before opening up his own small business, True Flite Archery.

He decided to enter the race as a way to give back to the community in which he grew up.

“I have witnessed a lot of changes in Cranbrook and I want us to retain the small-town values but continue to find ways to improve and foster new business growth in the community,” Faiers said. “We are a small community but we are vibrant and envied.”

Financial planning and infrastructure are his two main priorities, if elected. “I think that it needs to reflect that the community is open for business and I don’t believe the way that it is now, that it does,” Faiers said.

“…Planning is a big issue in the community and I don’t believe that the five-year financial plan—in my mind—goes far enough to plan for the future.”

In particular, Faiers wants to take a look at the official community plan.

“There are many concerns such as land development, urban deer, roads, environment, wildlife, water, sewer, spray irrigation site, arts and culture that will always be issues that are front and centre in our community,” Faiers added. “Although these issuers are addressed in our community plan,they are not doing enough to promote growth and development in our community as they are set out now.”

Promoting outdoor recreation opportunities for tourism is also one area that will help grow the local economy, he added.

Always a popular subject is the state of the roads and infrastructure, and Faiers wants to examine the budget to find more money within the existing tax structure or search for other sources of funding.

“The taxpayers cannot afford to see an increase in taxes year after year,” Faiers said. “We need to respect the money given to the city and use it with prudence.”

Urban deer has been an issue that has slowly snowballed in the community, and Faiers adds that the most socially acceptable option needs to be pursued in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment, which means translocation. However, he is also supportive of a cull if it is needed.

Outside of his career, Faiers has served with many non-profit organizations over the last 30 years, working in the fields of forestry, land-use, planning, hunting and trapping.

Owning and operatingTrue Flite Archery has taught him the challenges that come with running a small business, and he is very much supportive of shopping local.