Environment Canada issues hot weather warning

Temperatures expected to spike to mid-30s later this week.

Environment Canada issues hot weather warning

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement warning that warm temperatures are expected to spike into the mid to upper 30s this week.

The rise in temperatures is being attributed to a ridge of high pressure that will strengthen over the province through Sunday, according to a release from the federal government.

Environment Canada’s forecast has temperatures reaching a high of 36 degrees Celsius on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Cranbrook, which would break some historical records.

The high temperatures can also affect fire danger ratings in the region, which are already at high to extreme in parts of the Southeast Fire Centre.

Environment Canada is warning the public that heat-related illnesses are more likely during prolonged periods of hot weather and that everyone could be at risk.

Those most vulnerable to high temperatures include young children, the elderly who are housebound in un-air-conditioned homes, those working or exercising in the heat, persons with chronic illnesses, heart and lung conditions, people living alone in un-air-conditioned homes and the homeless.

If you are taking medication, particularly for mental illness, heart disease or Alzheimer’s disease, ask your doctor or pharmacist whether it increases your health risk in the heat and follow their instructions.