Elizabeth Lake Lodge’s new building approved

Council approved a permit that will allow Elizabeth Lake lodge to construct a new building one-story, four unit building on its property.

Council approved a permit that will allow Elizabeth Lake lodge to construct a new building one-story, four unit building on its property.

At the Monday, Feb. 23 meeting, council approved two permits around the Lodge’s development: the first allows a smaller setback of four metres, from six,  and the second permits  the construction to actually go ahead.

The latter permit is the Highway Corridor Community Development Permit which enables the construction of a new commercial building on the property.

That building will be the one-story lodging mentioned above and is part of a multi-year  program to replace the original motel lodging units with updated facilities.

George Freitag, the registered owner of the property applied for the permit to build a one storey, four-unit lodging to run parallel to the existing fence line.

“We feel we have achieved a polished look to our property along Highway 3, as well as the Elizabeth Lake property line,” Freitag wrote in the application. “The third phase will transform the current RV Park along Wattsville Road into a lodging property that is consistent in both look and feel.”

City staff noted that the approximately 220 square metre (2,370 square ft.) building will be constructed with insulated concrete form walls and a wood truss, gable style roof. Exterior walls will be finished with “Creme” coloured stucco and the roof sheathed with “Charcoal” coloured asphalt shingles. Design elements include decorative roof-dormers, and multi-pane glazing with wall mounted flower boxes, which provides a consistent look with existing buildings

Frietag said the plan is to commence building at the start of August, 2015 and finish construction April 2016.

Prior to that, council also approved the Development Variance Permit that decreases the minimum setback on the exterior side of Elizabeth Lake Lodge.

The development variance is needed because the current setback is six metres, but Freitag said in a letter to Rob Price, the city’s community planner, that the lodge hopes to have the rear of the building four metres from the property line. The building will replace an existing RV parking area.

Freitag noted that the requested relaxation of the zoning bylaw would enable a more efficient site layout and facilitate safer traffic circulation through the site.

He said it would also enable improvements to accessible parking for persons with disabilities.

“We wish to continue to offer persons with disabilities access to the mini golf,” Freitag wrote. “We have a very steady clientele who require accessible parking and unloading. This access and parking would be cut-off if we bring the footprint of the building forward.”

City staff noted that letters were circulated to adjacent property owners and occupants informing them of the Development Variance request and asking for comment. No responses had been received in response to the circulation when the report was written for Monday’s meeting. Staff gave three reasons for its support of the application:

“The proposed setback reduction will enable improvements to site traffic circulation and additional space for accessible parking within the site; The proposed variance of the exterior side yard is located adjacent to a public road right-of-way, which should result in minimal, if any, negative impacts on adjacent properties; An existing, solid wood landscape fence along the exterior side yard will provide screening from the public right-of-way (Wattsville Road).”